About Me


 I'm Sarah.
Thanks for stopping by! I am a mid twenties gal who hails from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Seattle specifically. I'm a feisty red head who loves Beverly Hills 90210, reading, watching lifetime, riding my dirt bike, and my kitty Matilda to name a few things. I usually either have a coffee or a glass of wine in hand as I take on the day or wind it down. I prefer to spend my weekend nights in a more relaxed way than I used to, but you can still find me hitting the dance floor every once in a while. I love laughing, and anyone who can make me. I'm a lover of love, loyal to my core, and bad at lying. I treat people the way I want to be treated, and I hold people to that standard as well. I tend to blog about whatever sounds good to me that day, but I'm also wanting to use this blog as an outlet for my newly refreshed photography skills. My favorite thing about the blogging world are people's pictures. I will follow someone's blog solely for their pictures if they keep my attention.I hope to use my pictures to inspire others just like I have been inspired.

Hope we can be 'bloggin buds!

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