Thursday, January 10, 2013


I've been semi stalking my only girlfriend, who is married to a soldier, for the past week. My reasons behind this are simple. Her husband comes home today. I cannot even imagine the emotion that she is experiencing right now. A check of Facebook a few minutes ago shows a picture of her and fellow Army wives waiting for their soldiers to de-plane. They are eagerly awaiting to see the smiling faces of the men they sent off to war nine months ago. Finally home. Back in their arms. Safe and sound.

My soldier returning home from deployment is on my mind every single day. Thousands of loved ones out there share the same thought as me on a daily basis. At the end of every day you get to tell yourself: Another day done, one less to go. You think in your head: Come back to me, you have to come back.

You've put so much effort into being strong, and continuing on with life even though a large piece of your life is thousands of miles away from you. The weekly or even daily emails you send to your soldier, full of pictures and words that describe what's been going on back home so that he can feel like he's not missing out on life.

You dream endlessly about the day your soldier, the man you love, will return home to you. I've spent so much time playing that day out in my head. What I plan on wearing for that first time I see him, what it will be like when he first walks into the room, and where will we go first when we get into the car? Will it be strange when we embrace and kiss for the first time in nine months? There are so many questions running through my mind. I have a feeling I'll be nervous, but in a good way. It will be a nervous that you get on your second or third date with someone you really have a crush on. Butterflies. I know I will feel butterflies.

Seeing and hearing from my friend this week about her husbands pending return has gotten me all excited. It's a strange feeling that I have never experience before. Being SO excited for someone that it's almost like an excitement for yourself. It's a reminder of what's to come. That you too will have your day. She has put in the hard work of being away from her husband for nine months, and once you do the same you too will be rewarded with a late night waiting in a gym until he de planes. To not be in the same presence as the man you love for (in my case) four months, and still have that feeling of total excitement at the thought of him coming home is exhilarating. It's proof that what we do as milspouses and milgfs is WORTH IT. Hang tough, ladies!

Only about four and a half months left of this to go..

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