Monday, February 4, 2013

We Wait. We Hope. We Pray.

 Until you're home again.

I was very touched by the Jeep/USO/Oprah super bowl commercial yesterday. It was incredibly unexpected during an event that always tries to out do all other companies in how ridiculous and funny their commercials are. I think what was most touching about it was the fact that it is all so true. All those things that Oprah said, we military folks experience on a daily basis. The every day civilian doesn't understand the pain the we endure on a daily basis, and the strength that we gain from sending our loved ones to the war.
 "Because when you're home we're more than a family, we are a nation that is whole, again."
It has been noted that the US has all but forgotten about the war in Afghanistan, and this commercial is a reminder to those who have forgotten. We are still fighting. We are still sending soldiers to harms way. We are still waiting, hoping, and praying that our soldier will return to us once again. That the end is in sight. We can hardly wait until the troops are pulled, and our nation can start to heal the wounds that have injured our hearts, minds, and bodies for the last decade.

The end is in sight for my soldier. Reaching the double digits was a huge milestone. However, we still have time left, and so I will continue to wait, hope, and pray. Every single day. He will have a favorite meal, and a warm bed waiting for him when he touches back down on US soil.

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