Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Productivity

Happy Monday! As usual, the beginning of the week has come too fast. I was really enjoying my weekend so I was sad to go to bed last night :-/

Friday I went out for National Margarita Day (everyone knows about this holiday, right?!), and it worked perfectly because there is a Mexican place in my 'hood that the roommate and I haven't tried yet. A few margaritas later we decided to go out. I don't know why we thought it would be a good idea to hit The Ave, where all the UW college kids hang, but we did. Everyone around us seemed to be 21 or 22. At about 12:30 I was ready to go home and go to bed. When you become an adult and have a full time job it makes it SO hard to go out on Friday nights. I'm cool with sitting at home, drinking red wine, and catching up on my blog reading. I'm old. I know.

Saturday and Sunday was spent relaxing and cleaning. Since I was gone last weekend I really wanted to stay close to home and get my meal planning, and cardio back on track. I also cleaned. For me to feel completely sane and balanced I have to: 1. Have a clean house 2. Have food in my fridge and a plan for said food 3. Get a workout in. This weekend I got all three of those things in, therefore I feel balanced, and that feels amazing.

Sauteing veggies for my breakfast casserole

My main hang buddy this weekend :-)

I tried out two new recipes. A breakfast casserole that will last me the whole week, and a pizza with the crust made of cauliflower! Both turned out awesome!

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Talia Jacole said...

The pizza sounds so good! Where did you find the recipe? I'd love to try it out:)

♥ Talia

SeattleSarahSpeaks said...

I will do a post on it one of these days! Super delicious :-)