Friday, August 2, 2013

Nail Files

Holy moley, I am back on the nail files link up for the first time in a few months! In that time that I've been away I've had countless manicures (Ok, not really. Just 2x a month so you do the math!), and they have not been featured on the link up. All that is changing now. I'm including pics of my current manicure, and my awesome one that I meant to post for the fourth of July, and didn't. Womp womp on my late-ness.

I saw my hairdresser wearing a green color on her nails, and right then I wanted to do the same thing because it looked so pretty. Hers however was more of an evergreen. It was darker, and mine is lighter. I still was pleased. I think my nail lady didn't want to paint my nails this color at first because she made a comment about how it was a different color than what the bottle showed. When we were finished though she changed her story. She liked it, and so did I.

Yay! Fourth of July nails! I was really excited for this manicure because it is so festive.

 photo redheadsiggy_zps8cb2bb54.png


jennie said...

Welcome back!! :)

They're both really cute manis! The 4th is super festive with the stars and I got a giggle out of the story with your manicurist. I had one actively try and talk me out of a colour once...but she still wasn't convinced when it was done. Haha! Different strokes for different folks, right? I think the green looks fab! :)

Toria Mason said...

The green is gorgeous and the Fourth one is so fun! Love both!

- Toria

aka Bailey said...

I adore your patriotic nails!! I bet those got lots of nice compliments :)


Kimberlee VDW said...

Great 4th of July mani!

Janie E. said...

Love the 4th of July mani!