Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Getting away, by myself


Currently I’m sitting on a couch, wine glass on the coffee table, and Teen Witch on the TV. I spent the better part of today driving far, far away from Seattle. I’m not going to lie: these past few weeks (or even months) have been rough. Both my personal life and work life have experienced some major upheavals. I needed a break, but I haven’t been able to take one due to reasons I had no control over. I started to feel really suffocated and stressed out. All that changed this weekend though. It’s a long weekend and I decided two weeks ago that this would be the weekend that I would get away. At first I thought I would fly somewhere warm and lay by a pool for a few days sipping margaritas and reading my kindle. When flight prices weren’t to my liking, I changed my plan. Upon perusal of the deal sites I found an awesome deal on a cabin in central Oregon. It was two nights for the price of one in a cabin that sleeps five people and it was going to be all mine.  Some major “me” time was in order. 


I packed up the car, stole my mom’s cute pup and hit the open road. It was a long drive, but it was broken up by coffee stops, and doggy potty stops. As I got further and further away from Seattle, I felt myself relax a bit. I also noticed myself realizing how off the beaten track this place was going to be. I started to think about how people live so far away from a large city. I’ve always lived within twenty minutes of I-5, and as far as I can tell, the closest thing to a larger city in these parts is a two hour drive.


My whole plan for these few days was to do things I don’t get to do that often or never have time to do. I bought a new fancy schmancy DSLR last week. I used to be really into photography pre digital times. I learned how to develop black and white film in a dark room. I also had a photo of mine featured in a local gallery back home. I’m no pro at this digital camera stuff, but it’s something I want to explore and I figured I could get some great practice in while I’m down here. Get ready for photo overloadJ. I also plan on getting some reading done. I’m behind on my Good Reads goal for the year and that bums me out. I was doing so good for most of the year and then fell behind. Drinking wine while watching movies is another planned task of this long weekend, which doesn’t need any further explanation if you ask me! 


Also, who knew you could get wi-fi in the sticks, but not cell service? It’s shoddy at best, but it’s kind of nice to have when I thought I wouldn’t have internet at all. You still might not see this post til I’m back in Sea town because of the quality of internet..

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