Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In the Middle of Nowhere, Continued.


I awoke early this morning, but I was actually ok with it for once. The doggie dog slept on top of the bed with me for the entire night which made me happy to know that there would be no surprises found in the cabin when I got out of bed. The dog and I went out for a morning walk shortly after the sun came up. It was chilly this morning, our breath showing the signs that winter is fast approaching. I stumbled out into the desolate resort area wearing blue sweat pants, my burgundy university sweatshirt, and thick fuzzy socks shoved into my gray TOMS. It made me even happier at 6:30 in the morning because I knew no one was awake to witness my stylish outfit. When we got back to the cabin I immediately started a fire (and by “started” I mean adjusted the thermostat so the fire place would turn on), and put some coffee on.


My absolute favorite thing to do when I don’t have to work is to sit around all morning and drink coffee while reading or watching tv. I’m so rushed during the week because I wait til the very last possible minute to get out of bed, and therefore don’t even eat breakfast til I get to work so being able to lounge and do these things is a complete luxury. I read some of my book club book and watched a few episodes of New Girl until the Wi-Fi started to annoy me. When I was sufficiently satisfied with my coffee intake I got dressed and the dog and I headed to Sisters, OR.


It’s a small little town about ten miles away from where I’m staying. It’s full of cutesy shops on a small street front. I took a few photos, looked at a few shops, and then headed back to the cabin.



The rest of the day was pretty low key. I went on a walk and got some great photos. After I got back from Sisters it was relaxing time in the form of more New Girl Episodes, steak dinner, and Risky Business. I leave tomorrow morning, and I am a little sad. It has been so refreshing to get away for a few days and be by myself. The whole experience has been good for the soul. Having the chance to play around with my new camera in such beautiful surroundings has been cathartic. Having a doggy to keep me company has been comforting, and having the open road in front of me with the music blasting has been empowering. I’ve realized that most people don’t take enough time away for themselves, and that this time I do have for myself might not last forever. One day I may find someone who I do want to settle down with and start a life, and when that happens I don’t want to look back and wish I had taken more time for me when I had the opportunity.

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