Thursday, March 6, 2014

On Friends


Last night I had to say goodbye to a friend. I'm so incredibly happy for her because she is starting a new job in southern California very soon. I love her for taking a break up with a long term boyfriend and turning it into something positive: realizing that it was time for a life change. She could have easily moped around and played the poor me stance, but she didn't. She cut ties, moved all her stuff into a friend's basement and has been sleeping on an air mattress and searching for new jobs for the last few months. She never looked back. Her strength was empowering. It was so refreshing to witness her actions when we live in a world full of people who rarely leave their comfort zone.

Our friendship is fairly new, but I'm a strong believer in the idea that people come in to your life for a reason, no matter how long or short they stick around in it. Her and I met through mutual friends shortly after KC and I broke up and the weekend after she broke up with her boyfriend. We instantly connected. We were able to talk about life, boys and just be humorous with each other. I never once felt judgement from her on anything I talked to her about. We cheered each other on when scoping for guys, laughed at stupid things we would say, and texted back and forth following up on one another's day. We were able to lean on each other during a time when our hearts were healing (Probably more so mine than hers!) and find comfort in that. She is definitely one of those friends that you don't meet every day, and when you do, you feel so blessed to have crossed paths. Our friendship may be young, but it's just beginning. I look forward to hearing about how her new path is going, and planning trips down to see her. Distance sucks, but I've learned that it's not all that bad. You just pick up where you last left off, and I've noticed that I prefer these friendships the best.

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