Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Live like he deploys tomorow..or two weeks from now.

Well here it begins. I told myself I would start a blog to at least get myself through these nine plus months to come. No I'm not pregnant, but I'll explain what all this nine plus months business is about shortly. I began reading blogs more regularly when I became a member of the highly addictive PINTEREST. Holey moley that site has sucked me in for hours at a time, and severely affected my productivity at work and at home. Pinterest is seriously never ending in whatever you are looking for. As I began compiling fun boards that included what I would love to have in my wardrobe, things I will (might) eventually cook, and too many funny quotes I came across something more than just fun pictures and sayings. I discovered wonderful blogs written by some very bright individuals (mainly females, let's get serious!). I found blogs on cooking, cleaning, crafting and much more. It's so overwhelming! It's a good overwhelming though. I felt so much inspiration, and I still get the "rush" of inspiration when I read through them. Sadly, I don't feel I am as creative as a lot of these bloggers. However, I decided I could use blogging to mold a blog into something that could benefit myself and *hopefully* others (fingers crossed). When I say benefit, I don't mean I'm going to give you an amazing new apple pie recipe or tell you what you should pair your newest heels with. I'm more looking to converse with people about things such as books, reality tv, activities we're involved with, and military life. There you have it. The final part of why I decided to start a blog. I'm an Army girlfriend who is facing her boyfriend's first deployment (Ok, he's already been deployed four times before this, but I've yet to ever experience such a thing so for me it's a first!)

I met KC on fourth of July 2011 at a fireworks show (Kind of funny because we both work for this fine country). We hung out a few times in early August, but we both were sent to places far away from our homes for over four months shortly after we were finally able to start going out on dates. I wasn't sold on him at first, but by about date three I really liked him. We were able to somewhat communicate while we were apart, but I wasn't sure what would come of this when we both returned to the PNW.

We were finally both back in town in mid Febuary and that's when we really started our dating relationship. We hung around each other a lot more. Went out to dinner, did fun activities, and really got to know each other. We thought KC was going to be gone for three months in the spring time, and that's what really solidified the relationship. I didn't want to be single anymore or date anyone else (after being single for a year a half. I'm picky!). The three months of being gone didn't end up happening, which was fine by me because I knew we both had other things for work that would take us to different parts of the country throughout the following months and a deployment was on the horizon. Anyway, fast forward to present day: September 2012. I found out a month ago that KC would be leaving in September for a nine month deployment to Afghanistan. He was pumped to get back into action over there. He's such an adrenaline seeker! I was not so pumped. I'd never been through anything like this! Not to mention the fact that I seem to come across every single horrible thing that happens over there, and can't stop my mind from fearing the worst. I don't even know how to even begin to deal with this sort of life event that has been placed in front of me.

To come full circle: I started looking on pinterest at deployment pictures and quotes. I started finding military spouses/girlfriends blogs and I loved reading what they wrote about because I feel like I could relate. I know one friend whose husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan. That's it. I don't leave near the post so I'm not surrounded by those in a similar situation as me. Even the wives of my boyfriends group members have left to go back to their families while their husbands are gone. It's a terrible feeling to go through something when there is no one around to relate to. I'm hoping to connect with people on here that have been through military life and deployment. I also plan on using this blog as a way to get creative and grow as a person and not just be bogged down while he's away. I don't have a goal of how often I'm going to blog or what about, but writing this post is a start. If nothing else, I know I will enjoy looking back at the journey when it's all over with.

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