Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I should just kayak to Afghanistan!

KC was finally able to call me! Ok, so it has only been four days since he has left, but for someone who is new to this deployment stuff it was a long time with out talking on the phone. He emailed me Sunday evening saying he would call me when he got to his final spot. Today is Tuesday so I was expecting the call yesterday. No big deal though. I have been so happy that he has communicated via email, text, and phone call every one of those four days except one. It was great to hear his voice, and he sounds really good (although he's pumped to be over there and back in action so I should expect him to sound good!). I feel more secure the more I hear from him because it means he is alive and well. I'm so terrified of something happening to him and not hearing about it for days. We talked for about twenty minutes before his phone started to die. When we hung up I had the biggest smile on my face, and I feel it creeping up again now that I'm thinking about it.

After we got off the phone I decided to look on Google to see how far he is from me. I was looking for what the mileage was, but Google will always do you one better: They'll break it down to you by giving turn by turn directions, with no flight necessary! I started cracking up in my cubicle when I read down the list so I thought it was worth sharing some screen captures of the directions.

In order to get there I must Kayak the Pacific Ocean from Seattle to Hawaii, some 3,000 miles (according to Google), and then Kayak from Hawaii to Japan. I must then know how to read Japanese/Korean so I know which streets to take.

Next up, it looks like I need to Jet Ski some almost 500 miles from Japan up through Korea(I'm going by the map since I don't know what language is listed in the directions. I would have loved to Jet ski all the way from Seattle, but it appears Google is pretty smart and knows a jet ski's range in gas is no where near 3,000 miles. Some 996 hours later; I will be in Afghanistan with my boy. That equals out to forty days.

I love Google Maps. Thanks for the laugh, Google. I needed it.

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