Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ghosts of Christmas Past


I'm not one who usually gets into the paranormal activity type of things. I don't necessarily have a stance on it either. I've never experienced ghosts. I've gone on ghost tours for a laugh or entertainment, but never felt or saw anything. Until last Christmas.

My step dad was married to a woman before my mom. This woman at one point discovered she had cancer. She fought a tough battle and unfortunately she lost that battle one night. Things took a turn for the worse one evening when she and my step dad were at their home. An ambulance was called and as she was being transported to the hospital, she passed away. My step dad was devastated. It was now just him and his recently passed wife's cat who lived in the large home that he had custom built for her. It included all the amenities she had asked for, and contained her personal touch in the curtains, wall art, and linens. My step dad went through a pretty rough patch, but then he met my mother. She was the light at the end of the tunnel for him. A reason to live again. 

Last Christmas eve I was at their house with my brother. My mom and step dad were at the hospital because he was having some health problems. I remember waiting up until late in the night to see if they would make it home. I really wanted us all to be together on Christmas morning. My brother was hanging out in the guest room upstairs and I was in the media room right outside the guest room, watching TV. I received a phone call from my mom telling me that my step dad would have to stay in the hospital over night but that she was coming home soon. Knowing that she would soon be home and that it was way past my bedtime I decided I would go to sleep. I grabbed a blanket and hit the light switch as I walked through the dark room back to the couch. I snuggled up on the couch and was just about to close my eyes when

 The lights came back on. The ones I had just turned off.

I immediately asked my brother if he had turned them back on. He replied with "I'm in the guest room, how can I do that?" I told him what had happened and we were both completely awake and upright at my discovery. I then proceeded to go through the entire house to make sure no one was 'creepin. Of course I found nothing, but it made me wonder: Is the ghost of my step dad's wife in this house?

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