Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking Back Over 2013

When I think back over the last year, I can't help but to break it up into two parts. It started off so promising
and exciting, and then as the second half of the year began, it took a turn that I never expected to occur. I went from being so in love and excited for my future with KC to completely crushed and devastated about what I learned had been occuring while he was in Afghanistan and what continued when he returned. However beat up and hurt by all this cheating that occured, I refuse to allow it to define 2013 for me. When something major and negative occurs in ones life you can choose to let it consume you or you can let it be a learning lesson. I'm letting it be a learning lesson. It's been about four and a half months since his ex girlfriend answered his phone one Saturday night, revealing it all, and I've slowly been picking up the pieces of my heart since then. The sting of reality has subsided significantly, but I think it will always be there. The sting you feel because you've just gone from cloud nine to the cold hard floor of reality in about 2.5 seconds. I'll never know why he did this or why he would choose to hurt someone who truly loved him, but I've learned to allow those thoughts to go through my head without making me as upset. I still look forward to, and hopeful for the day where he doesn't cross my mind multiple times in a twenty four hour span.A friend once told me that one day, out of the blue, I will get that Top of the World Feeling. Suddenly everything will be good again and that's when I know I will be fully moved on. I've yet to have that feeling but I know that with every day that passes, I am closer.Even though relationship wise I had some pretty rough things happen, I also did some really great things this year. I figure the best and most fun way to remember those are through pictures.


DSCF3396 DSCF3390-
My friend and I took a trip to S. California to escape the cold! We fulfilled our life goal and saw the Beverly Hills 90210 Beach House, and dined at Sur (Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant). It was a great few days spent in the warmth


IMG_0197 photo(94) IMG_0151 DSCF3417
This month I headed back to California, but to the North part. I grabbed a couple of girlfriends and flew to San Francisco. We also went a bit north for a day to visit my brother up in wine country. We had a blast and drank some of the best red wine ever!


This month I began the three week Elimination Diet. This made me a pretty boring person for a month because I couldn't eat or drink outside of my house because my diet was so restricted. I loved doing this diet because I felt so healthy during it, but I desperately missed caffeine, red wine, and chocolate. It really allowed me to search out the things I could eat such as raw chocolate I found at Whole Foods.


DSCF3479 DSCF3470 photo(93) DSCF3506

In April I traveled to Norway for work. This was my very first international trip ever. I had a blast! Although the price of food and booze was beyond ridiculous it was a great first place to visit because almost everyone spoke English. Some of the sights we took in included the most popular tourist destination: Vigelands Parken, and Holmenkollen Ski Jump.


DSCF3563 riding photo(36)

This was an interesting month. KC returned in May and that began the beginning of the end of our relationship. He struggled with our relationship that minute he returned and looking back now, it all makes sense. I still managed to have fun, and attempted to mask my hurt and sadness by visiting my hometown, going dirt bike riding with my dad, and doing a girls night out at one of the local wineries. 


New Place

Matilda and I moved into a brand new apartment this month. I was so excited to be in my first place all by myself since I have become a real adult. I spent most of this month selecting decorations and furniture to move into the new space.


photo(46) 972197_10100555918212500_2011427397_n photo(43)

My birthday was this month and was celebrated with a rooftop party with my friends. It was one of the best birthdays I have had in a few years because I spent it with some of my favorite people. For the Fourth of July I was invited on to a friend's yacht on Lake Union. I hope I can do this every year because being on a boat should be the only way to spend Independence Day!



August was a tough time. It was early in this month that all was discovered with KC. I didn't do a whole lot this month because I simply didn't want to. I did do some boating for a friends birthday, but it was a pretty non social month for me.

photo(96) photo(97)

One of my good friends from middle school asked me to be one of her bridesmaids this month. She came down to look at wedding dresses and to go to a wedding expo. We loved Luly Yang the most out of all the bridal boutiques we visited that day. As far as the wedding expo goes: I wanted to gouge my eyes out. Those things are not my cup of tea.


photo(90) 1424437_915359615155_1717927394_n

I was able to meet one of my longtime favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks, and hear him speak about his writing and life. I held a girls slumber party at my mom's house with a group of friends that I went to high school with. We went to a haunted corn maze, watched scary movies, and caught up with each others' lives.


IMG_3856 IMG_3804 IMG_3903 IMG_3933

I escaped to Oregon for a long weekend to relax, regroup and rejuvenate myself. I also used this trip to play around with my new DSLR that I had purchased. I hadn't had a break from work in a while and this was much needed. November also means the month of Thanks. I celebrated Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving. The latter of the two was a first for me. My friends did a beautiful job at creating a special experience for all of us. I hope to be part of their celebration for many years to come!


IMG_4182 IMG_4228

I don't know about you, but Christmas sure came fast this year! I think it was the fact that Thanksgiving was so late. Either way, it was a good one. My brother was home and I got to spend plenty of time with family members. 

I truly am looking forward to 2013 coming to a close. It was a year like no other, and frankly despite a lot of fun things I was able to do, I don't ever want to re-live 2013 again. I'll take the fun adventures I had again but that's about it. I learned a lot this past year and I look forward to putting it to good use in 2014. I always like to go into each new year with a positive mindset, and this coming year is no exception. I'm ready and feeling good: Bring it on 2014!
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Franziska said...

It looks like you had such a great year (except wanting to gauge your eyes out during the bridal expo haha)- I'm so jealous of the traveling you did. I've always wanted to go to San Francisco. Some day!!

Sarah Alway said...

"I refuse to allow it to define 2013 for me." <--- I love this. You have such an amazing attitude considering what you have gone through. And I love your year in pictures! You've done so much fantastic stuff and the photos really show how rich your life is. And I LOVE the bootylicious shot from your birthday! :-)