Sunday, December 15, 2013

Stay in Bed Day


It's a little before noon, and I have yet to really be out of my bed for more than a couple minutes today. I just don't find myself wanting to go out and face the world today. There isn't any particular reason; I'm not hungover, I'm not trying to avoid anyone but I just have that gross feeling in my stomach. The feeling that keeps me in my bed and entices me to escape the feeling by catching up on all my shows that I have yet to watch.Since we're on the topic of shows..


I recently started watching HBO's Girls. I am completely hooked. I love this show and I don't necessarily know why I do yet. The fact that there is quite a bit of comedy involved is one of the reasons I like it, but what else draws me to this show to the point that I am about to throw my ipad across the room because my Xfinitiy App can't play thirty seconds of an episode without getting choppy and pausing? I think I like the fact that Lena Dunham (creator and star of the show) presents viewers with four very different girls who are all friends yet have such different personalities. My friend who suggested I watch the show refers to it as "The voice of our generation". These girls are in the early to mid twenties living in NYC. It's almost as if this is the real life Sex and the City for people my age. They don't live glamorous lives where they can spend one month's rent on a pair of Manolo Blahniks and get away with it. Each girl is living with her own struggles on a daily basis. Not being able to pay rent after being cut off by mommy and daddy, being a virgin at twenty one and desperately and anxiously not wanting to be, continuing to date a guy way past the expiration date, and not knowing anything about the guy you are sleeping with on a regular basis. It has a raw and real feel to it, as if you're watching some one's real life occurring on your screen.

Through all this, they team up together and live life, albeit not always happily or with each other. This show has the potential to just suck you in and not let go until you've watched all the episodes the HBO app has to offer.I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone grows and transforms as the seasons continue. The newest season will be premiering in January and I'm almost positive I will catch up wayy before it premiers considering I spent multiple nights this week glued to my ipad screen.

Here's hoping that my Xfinity App gets less crappy playback so I can watch more episodes and in turn get pulled out of my Sunday funk.

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