Sunday, December 1, 2013

One of Those Weekends


The best kind of friendships, and the only ones I choose to have, are the ones where you might not see the person all the time but when you do, you pick up right where you left off. The way I look at it is this: the older one gets, the busier life becomes. Too many hours are spent at work, social calendars become filled all too quickly, life moves us to new places-some near, some far, and twenty four hours in one day just doesn't seem to cut it as an adult. As they say "Life is too short", and whoever said this is beyond correct. Instead of focusing on the lack of time spent with a person, the time you do spend with that person should be focused on. Life is just too short to get upset about not talking to someone enough-especially when it's due to forces beyond either persons' control.

This weekend I went back home. I spent a good part of my time wondering about the last time I went back home. It had been awhile. Although I grew up there I don't feel the connection like I used to feel. Somewhere in the last few years I outgrew my hometown. I think this feeling has stopped me from wanting to return to it as often as I used to. Even though I feel this way, I still have some amazing friends and family that live in that town and I am filled with so much joy that we maintain such good relationships despite the fact that I have moved away. This weekend reminded and rekindled that warm feeling I get when I hang out with old friends and realize how fortunate I am to have great people in my life-no matter how often or not I see them. 

I caught up with an old friend for lunch
Grabbed sushi, talked photography and saw Catching Fire with my Dad
Drank hot cider while watching friends decorate their tree
Laughed and ate scones with girlfriends this morning
Met baby Diego while eating guac and Modelos

My heart is full this Sunday evening.
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Sarah Alway said...

Okay first of all that is a professional looking tree! Gorgeous! We haven't put ours up yet and I need to get on it. And I feel the same way about friendships and hometowns. Anyway I'm glad your heart is feeling full this holiday season!

c a n d a c e said...

Such a lovely tree & well-written post! Something to keep in mind. Loved it!