Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bellevue Botanical Gardens


This last Sunday was my second and last field trip for the photography class I have been attending. We ventured out to Bellevue Botanical Gardens. These gardens can be found on what we call the "Eastside" of the city. The property covers thirty six acres in the city of Bellevue. A city that is known for being upscale and expensive (and full of snooty people if you ask me! :-), these gardens offer free admission to anyone who wants to see all that it has to offer: A rock, Dahlia, and Yao Japanese garden-to name a few. I had never been to this place before but I've heard good things. One being that during the holiday season they do a hell of a job with lights. It's called Garden d'Lights and it's made entirely possible by volunteers who come out to create a magical scene. It's on my To-do list for next year's Christmas events.

Here's a few shots from the afternoon:




We were so fortunate to have amazing weather this weekend in the PNW. Blue skies and sun both Saturday and Sunday. It was still a bit chilly, but I really loved wandering around with only my thoughts and my camera for a couple hours. Photography has become such a relaxing activity for me, and I hope that I continue to take the time to go out and explore with my camera even after my class concludes. I would also love to see this garden during the spring time when everything is in bloom, and for that reason I will be returning.

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