Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thursday Thoughts


Let's face it, I'm not consistent with this blogging stuff. I don't always post every week, and I'm not very creative with coming up with blog post ideas unless it has to do with what is going on in my life. I tend to like it this way and I normally like organization, however the idea of just writing my thoughts out is appealing. One day a week to just dump them out. 

Thursday Thoughts:
  •  Let's get serious, the Seahawks are going to the SUPERBOWL. Obviously this needs to be the first thing addressed in this post. I've never been much into football, but at the beginning of this season I was really pulled in and it panned out to be a perfect season to become hooked! Not only do the Hawks have mad skills on the field, they also have some really intelligent, and caring players on the roster. When involving men on big time sports teams, this is harder and harder to find these days. Usually they're too busy complaining about not being paid enough. I'm excited that they're all being rewarded for all their good and going to the SB! Seattle is absolutely NUTS right now with the anticipation of Sunday's game. You can't walk one block without being infiltrated with something Hawks related. Hell, Groupon goods is full of Hawks merch too!
  • Speaking of this weekend, it will be a busy one. Not only will Sunday be spent prepping and watching the Superbowl, but one of my newest friends is having a going away party. She recently accepted a position at a non profit in SoCal.  I'm really sad she's leaving because we have had such a fun time since becoming friends and it is unfortunate that her new job happened so quickly. I am, however, very excited for her and I hope to visit her when she gets settled in. Add a photography class and food prep for Sunday's game and Saturday's festivities and I've got not a lot of down time. If I was smart, I would take Monday off.
  •  I booked my ticket for my vacation coming up in a couple months. I'm going to MEXICO!! I am beyond excited and ready for a real vacation. A full week of laying by the pool, relaxing and sipping on Coronas. I haven't had more than a long weekend in years so this will be amazing.
  •  I've been feeling extremely un-motivated about food this week. I haven't gone grocery shopping or packed a lunch all week. As for dinner, I've been scraping up whatever I still have in my pantry or fridge. Last night I had Apples, peanut butter, and yogurt for dinner. What is that?! The good news is: I've been pretty on top of my workout game this week. Although it never fails: I try to work out M-F so I don't have to work out on the weekends and I always end up missing one day during the week whether it has to do with work or sleeping through my alarm. Annoying.
  • Finally, is anyone else really annoyed with Juan Pablo and the tv show Girls? UGH. I could probably write a whole other post about these two things.
Happy Thursday, Y'all. Hang tough, we're almost there!

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