Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Photography Class Week One: University of Washington


In my previous post I mentioned that I enrolled in a photography class to learn more about my DSLR that I purchased a couple months ago. We had our first class this weekend and also our first field trip. The first field trip was a visit to The University of Washington campus. Believe it or not, I haven't spent a whole lot of time on this campus so I was looking forward to having completely new scenery to shoot. We we arrived it was overcast and cold. Thankfully it didn't rain, but I found myself becoming more and more cold as the session continued. It was so distracting that it was affecting my desire to want to take photos. Near the end of the session we made our way to a building that features a reading room. I felt myself immediately light up when I set foot in the lobby. It could have been the warmth that did it, but it was probably the look of the inside (Ok, it was most likely the heat) that really sparked the excitement. This was an amazing place. Our instructor told us earlier in the day that we would visit a place that has a "Harry Potter-Esq to it" and he was right. Sweeping stone stairways, tall ceilings, bookshelves that stretched the length of the room and were as high as the bottom of the stain glassed windows. Not to mention it was completely silent, which added to the awe of it all. As I took in the sight of the room all I could hear were my foot steps and the sound of my camera snapping a shot as I pushed the shutter release button. It was gorgeous.


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