Monday, January 13, 2014



When I was in middle school I took up a big interest in photography. My father let me play around with (at the time, a fancy camera) his camera. I enrolled in multiple black and white photography classes. In these classes we were given assignments on what photos we should shoot. Every week we would discuss our experiences with our classmates and teacher and then we would go into the dark room, and develop what we had created in the last week. It was wonderful. In this small dark room I took my film from my camera and turned it into real prints. Start to finish. It was such an amazing feeling to have at the age of 13. To see that I could produce such things. One of my prints was even selected to be featured in a local gallery. I was completely honored.


Fast forward about ten-ish years and I was really starting to miss my photography hobby. I know, ten years-seems a little long for me to finally miss it, but I'm done with the distractions of school and have more free time in my evenings. Needless to say, I ran out and bought a DSLR almost the minute I realized I missed photography. My main thought was "I can not only get back into photography, but share my photos on my blog!". I think my favorite part of people's blogs are their pictures. Some blogs I read are solely for the amazing photographs they include. I really appreciate a good photo.


I recently enrolled in a photography class to update my knowledge on the hobby but to also bring me up to speed in the digital world since in the past my fancy camera use was limited to film. I hope to use my blog as an outlet for my photos and be able to watch my skills and techniques improve as the months go by.

*Photos featured above were taken at Discovery Park in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle.

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Sarah Alway said...

What a cool hobby, and how exciting that you enrolled in a class... I'm sure you'll have so much fun brushing up on your skills!

Brittney said...

I've never tried developing film but it seems like an art form in itself. I love that lighthouse picture, and I'm glad that you are getting back into a hobby that you enjoyed so much. Please do share your progress with us.