Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crazy crock pottin!

Fall arrived in Seattle today. I slept with two blankets, and my window closed last night. I also burrowed deep into my bed so that I was so comfortable and warm that when 6:30am rolled around I was less than thrilled to get out of bed and start getting ready for work. It was a foggy, chilly morning in Seattle. I, for the first time this season, brought out one of my winter coats to wear. That's a sad day folks. I was really hoping that it would burn off and we'd end up with blue skies by the afternoon, but no such luck today. It kind of worked out perfectly though because on Monday I took advantage of my day off and whipped up a bunch of Crockpot freezer meals! I got my inspiration from blog. What a fun blog! I can't even believe it's about six sisters, no boys! Anyway, one of the sisters did a post about eight freezer meals in an hour. I decided to take on the challenge, because the results sounded worth the small amount of time.
This is everything I needed from the store to make 7 meals!
I decided to make seven of the eight meals mainly for the fact that I didn't like one of the meals, and seven is a good enough amount of food for me! I went to the grocery store and bought everything needed for those seven meals for right around $75.00! These meals will easily feed four people. I am going to be eating each of these meals for a couple days so it's definitely a good deal because that equals around $10 per meal made. You seriously can't beat that. I made note of what time I started, and began preparing all my meals. I felt so accomplished the further I got into putting meals together, and the six sisters were right, it was actually fun to put them together! Some took mere minutes to complete while others took longer.
Cilantro lime chicken
It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to prepare six of the seven meals. I took a break after the sixth because I needed to go for run before it got dark out. When I returned I started on the final one, but then lost track of time completely because KC finally called!!! It was so amazing to hear his voice. I talked to him while preparing the last one but clearly my focus was on him, and not finishing the final meal as fast as possible.

As you can see in the picture on the right, that's how much room all seven meals take up (the meals are all stacked up on the left side of the freezer. It isn't too bad space wise. I would say that so far the little time spent on the meals has been worth it. I have yet to throw any into the crock pot yet, but I'm planning on cooking up my first one tomorrow! The weather today makes me look forward to the season of crock pot use. Do you have any good crock pot recipes that you make for those cold fall and winter nights? I love trying new recipes.

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