Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap: All things Halloween!

My little miss Matilda Jane

This whole weekend was covered in Halloween goodness. So much Halloween that I seriously feel like the 31st of October has already occurred. I'm ready to bring on Thanksgiving!
Awesome spartan hat made out of a pumpkin and a broom
On Friday evening I trekked down to Georgetown with a few friends to attend the Elysian's Great Pumpkin Beer Festival. Over sixty different pumpkin type beers to try! Holyyy moley was I pumped. There were four of us that went as a group, and we decided we would get the most bang for your buck if we all got a different type of beer sample at each station and then sipped on each others. It seemed that beers were either really good or really terrible. My favorites were both Elysian beers: The Great Pumpkin Ale, and Night Owl. I don't remember the names of the really horrible ones, but the flavors ranged from tasting like a taco with BO to candy corn.

Saturday night was my first costume party of the 2012 season. I went with my mom and Stepdad to some friends Halloween party. If you couldn't tell I was Wilma Flintstone. Real simple, and cheap costume. I hate spending money on costumes so this was an easy one. The party was great! I have never seen anyone put so much effort into their decorations. It really paid off. There was amazing appetizers, and really fun games. I even manged to win one! I found the smallest pumpkin in the house and won a cute cheese and cracker basket.

Sunday was spent cleaning, drinking pumpkin eggnog lattes, watching Beverly Hills 90210 and Dexter with my roommate. Let's talk about these lattes. I had no idea PUMPKIN eggnog existed!! It is amazing! It is even more amazing when I steamed it up into a latte. The perfect fall treat. My roommate finally ordered up Showtime for us, and now I can start watching the 7th season of Dexter. I finished up Ep 2 last night and am in the middle of Ep 3 right now. I think I need to start blogging about the episodes once I'm caught up.

How was your weekend? Do anything Halloween related?

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