Saturday, October 27, 2012

Journey: Beverly Hills 90210

I started watching Beverly Hills 90210 four years ago when I first moved to Seattle. I only started watching it because I saw that the first season was being offered on Netflix's instant streaming. It was all history after that! That one season took it's hold on me and never let go. A year or so later one of my friends (my roommate now) moved to Seattle and told me she also was watching Beverly Hills, but I was further along than her. Well long story short she finally caught up and when we moved in together we started having Beverly Hills nights.

We took a break for awhile due to various things going on in life. We had reached the last season before we stopped watching, and couldn't remember where we left off mid season. These last few weeks we've resumed our watching, and on Thursday night we hit a sad point. We were FOUR episodes away from completely finishing the series. We thought we had at least one more disc til we reached this point. We stopped watching and decided we need to have a proper Bev Hills finale.Call us crazy, but we like to make a whole night of it. Make dinner, drink good wine, and watch the last few eps. Anyway, I wanted to review some of my favorite moments in Beverly Hills to mark such an occasion.


Who doesn't remember this episode?! Donna goes to prom, gets drunk, and isn't allowed to graduate. Everyone gets in an upheaval, runs around chanting "DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES" while holding their signs. This is one of the first events where we see that goodie two shoes Donna isn't as innocent as we think. I loved it. I loved that she broke away from her parents grip for a second. Because lord knows I hate Felice, and all the shit she ever said.


  How about all of Kelly's engagements?! Ok, there was only two, but the one with Brandon went all the way to the day of before it got called off. THEY WERE IN THEIR WEDDING ATTIRE!! As much as I loved Brandon, we all know for some weird reason, Kelly and Dylan are meant to be. Kelly should have accepted this fact a long time ago instead of involving herself with Matt. Loved Matt. Until he went to the desert, got high on acid, and started screaming "MATT DURNING ATTORNEY AT LAW", then slept with some random chick. I'll give him a little break because he didn't know there was acid in that drink, but he should have told Kelly sooner, and not avoided it. Obviously I haven't seen the final few eps, but I can only hope that by the time it's over, Kelly comes to her senses about Dylan. Even though he's a big debbie downer in the later episodes, they should still be together.

Dylan's CRAZY life. He's an alcoholic, gets hooked on drugs, spends all his money. Gets it back. Watches his dad die when someone plants a bomb in his car. Seems to be on the right track when he marries Antonia, but then she gets killed by her own people when they mistake her for Dylan. Dylan than leaves for awhile, but comes back as a serious downer. THEN he finds out that Jack McKay isn't dead, but just in the Witness protection program, and he wants him to come with him. Dylan has gone through so much crazy stuff I don't know how that guy isn't completely insane.

Obviously those are only three of MANY memorable moments from the series. I could go on and on. Especially about all the CRAZY situations that Kelly Taylor was involved in. A drive by shooting, amnesia, using coke, being engaged multiple times, sleeping with Jake (from Melrose place), and shooting and killing the man who raped her who also coincidentally (I think NOT) was being represented by Matt. For being kids from Beverly Hills 90210, they sure saw and experience a lot more than most kids growing up. What were your favorite moments from this show?

I don't know what it was that made this show so addictive, but it is. I think the fact that each character had something different to bring to the table made it so good. I started watching Melrose Place this last year since I knew I was going to need a replacement, and that show would never take Bev Hills place. That show lacks the good characters that Bev Hills has. Everyone in Melrose Place goes crazy at one point or another, they all hook up with one another, and all of them are terrible friends to each other. Bev Hills characters all stay somewhat the same. Donna is always the kind one, Steve is goofy, but good hearted, Dylan is caring, but doesn't let his emotions show. They don't all sleep with each other, and have these insanely dysfunctional relationships. I guess you could say in some strange way, they're relatable. I will miss spending my rainy sunday afternoons cuddled up on the couch yelling at the tv while watching this show.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far!

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Laura Darling said...

I never watched this show but it looks pretty good! Isn't that the worst when you get to the end of a series?! So depressing!