Monday, October 1, 2012

I LOVE this time of the year!

 Fall is my favorite season. It's perfect weather wise. Here in the Northwest it means that it is still sunny, but cooler so you can pull on comfy sweaters, and fun boots. The sky will be blue, and because of that it makes the leaves on the trees that much more radiant.

I completely missed out on fall last year because I was temporarily down in Georgia for work at the end of the summer right up until Christmas of 2011. If you've ever been down in that area you know that there is only a couple types of weather down there. It is usually hot. When I left Georgia to come back to Seattle in December it was 85 degrees out! Just days before Christmas! Anyway, I didn't realize how stoked I was for fall this year until about a week ago. I spent Saturday shopping for all things Autumn. I got a cute sign for our door, a light up pumpkin, and gourds (to name a few things!). I'm also planning a pumpkin carving night!  I have been loving the pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin beer, and fall scented candles. I can't get enough.

I went for a run after work today through the surrounding neighborhood to soak up some of the amazing colors going on outside. It was one of those days that you feel like you could keep running for a long time because you don't feel tired. I usually run the same route every time, but today I mixed it up! I love that my neighborhood is so distracting for me when I run. I get caught up looking at all the houses that line the leafy streets in Seattle. I look at each one and decide what I do and do not like about them. I would love to live in a big old house someday. One that has been updated, but still has that old feel to it. I used to never think about houses this much, but maybe it's the sign of the times that I'm growing up and see purchasing a house and settling in in the near future.

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