Sunday, March 3, 2013

Goals for the month

I've come to the realization that I love lists. Whether it be To-Do lists or a list with goals written down. There is something so fulfilling about writing something down and then being able to cross it off the list when it is completed.

Since this deployment has began, I've observed things in my life that have been affected since KC left for Afghanistan. It's funny to see that in 5 months I've experienced so many different feelings. To see all the positive things that have occurred is what is really great. Reflecting on these months I've been able to focus on me. I've started to make my eating habits better by meeting with a nutritionalist and figuring out what is fitting and nutritious for my body. I'm reading more books than I have ever before and I look forward to crawling into bed early just so I can pull out the kindle and read a few chapters. Having the same early bed time during the week makes me well rested, and I think has been one of the contributing factors to why I haven't gotten sick (while being surrounded by sickies) in over 6 months (flu shots are overrated, and I'm glad I have still yet to get one!) maybe the red wine and the nightly chamomile tea helped too ;-)

Becoming even more comfortable with having more "me" time has got me thinking that I only have a couple more months before KC comes back, and I'm sure once he returns it will throw a bit of a wrench in my all about me schedule. I'm an independent lady, but I know with the return of my soldier, some things will for sure be different. I'll probably start eating later in the evening, I'll most likely stay up later, and eat out more often. Obviously I'm more than excited that he's coming home, but changes will occur and I want to be able to balance the before and after and mesh the two together as much as possible. Until then though, I plan on documenting some goals for the next few months starting this month.

March Goals
-Complete my elimination diet successfully
-Become more efficient with meal planning and grocery shopping for the right amount of food
-Stretch everyday for at least 5-10min
-Run 2-3 times a week and get a workout of some sort in 4-5x a week
-Keep up with my reading plan (I veered off at the end of feb)
-Send KC a final care package

Have you experienced similar feelings of personal growth while your soldier was deployed?

Here's to a great March! I think it will be a good month..I mean daylight savings picks up again next weekend, and that always means longer days and sun ahead..AWESOME :-)

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