Monday, March 25, 2013

It's (kinda) spring, Seattle!

 I can't even believe it, but I am doing one of my favorite things right now: sitting on my balcony in the 6:30 in the evening! This sort of occurrence usually doesn't happen until at least late May or June. We have had two weekends of sun in the emerald city, and I feel so lucky. Everyone comes out of their holes and infiltrates the parks, sidewalks, and outdoor dining places in this city. We Seattleites LOVE the sun.

The time change is still messing with my head a bit, but it's making me more motivated to get out and run, which I love. I'm trying to get back into running more/working out more often and I have been highly successful this last week.

This weekend I headed north to attend a surprise 60th birthday party for one of my oldest friend's mother. It was great, she had no idea! She's usually pretty on top of these things so we thought she might have hacked into one of her childrens emails and discovered the plans :-) The party was great, but I seriously struggled with not being able to eat all the yummy food that was offered. Especially the chocolate cake. I was good though, and ate only veggies and almonds. Tomorow I go see my nutritionist so I plan on doing  another post about the elimination diet. I'm on week three which means I start introducing foods back next week.

Other than that, my weekend was pretty low key, as usual. I got laundry done, went running, hung with my mom, went for a walk with my mom and her dog, and scored some awesome dark green skinny Hudsons! I was inspired by Melissa in her cutsy jeans, and then I saw Tara wearing 'em too, and I suddenly fell in love with the color. I swung by the rack and got lucky! Paired with my new combat boots, I think it's a pretty good look!

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Esme said...

Lucky you on the spring like weather! We are still getting snow :(

Melissa said...

Awww, I'm glad you got a pair of those jeans!!! I'm also excited to see you got some sun in my favorite new city hehe :)