Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

It was a pretty low key weekend. I'm really loving low key weekends these days. Maybe it's a sign of my aging? :-)

I am now a week into my Elimination Diet (post to come tomorrow!) and yesterday I was having a serious drive to eat any sort of junk food I could. When I strolled the aisles at the grocery store I had to restrain myself from grabbing Pringles, donuts, and mini pies. I just wanted to devour anything sweet and bad for me. I strolled over to Fremont and went to The Flying Apron and found a muffin that fits my requirements. I paired it with some wu wei tea and sat down and indulged while reading my kindle.
It was sunny in Seattle on Sunday! I soaked it up. The sunglasses were dug out from deep inside my closet. I don't care that it was still freezing out, because if it's sunny, I'm happy.
My running outfit for the St. Pat's Dash on Sunday. All green-ed out! I was really happy with the race this year. The weather was absolutely PERFECT. A sunny Sunday morning in Seattle? It snowed during last years race, and there was a torrential downpour the year before that! I guess third times the charm. There was over 15,000 people running the race! My body also felt really good. It was a welcome relief considering I've probably ran 4 times in the last month.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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