Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dear Facebook Friends...

Ok, So I'm a little late on this post but during the past few days I've realized that I really need to do this blog prompt, even if it is late. Also, this isn't really a letter to my Facebook friends but more to those "friends" who drive me nuts yet I don't delete them because they kind of make me feel better about myself. Am I going to hell for saying this? So here goes:

Dear Facebook "friends"-
I'm writing you to thank you for giving me entertainment. Sometimes when you post statuses like this one

I really have to pause for a minute and reflect on a few things. First, how did we ever become friends on facebook? Because I dated someone you knew from back in the day and therefore thought it was appropriate to friend request me, and then I for whatever reason at the time thought it was a good idea to accept? I'm too nice? Second, I cannot believe you are comparing two really awful things and making it sound like one is better than the other. Is one really better than the other...I'm just seeing two real bad situations that I don't ever want to be a part of. Congrats on staying out of jail and getting placed on house arrest instead. A great life accomplishment.

I think we all have a few "friends" on Facebook that provide us entertainment, and sadly (or not) you are one of those "friends" for me. I wish I knew that I'd be writing about this on my blog one day because I would have been documenting your status updates a little bit more so I could share my laughs with the blogging world. Sometimes I don't know if you realize how you look to the world when you post these statuses. Maybe I'm being too mean, but I really don't need to know about your child's potty happenings. That's just going too far.

Bottom line: I'm not going to delete you because I get a good laugh at you and your status updates make me feel a bit better about myself when I'm having a rough day.

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PS. I hope I didn't offend anyone with my facebook "rant" :-) I promise I'm not mean.

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