Monday, September 30, 2013

Something Old

Happy last day of Blogtember!


For our final prompt of the month we are to share a picture of something old. I have been so fortunate to have received family pieces from my mother that came from both sides of my family. It's hard to choose just one to share about because they all bring so much happiness to me. To see the history and to bring it along with me as I go through life. One Christmas my father framed the picture above along with one other framed picture. They both are of my grandfather. My grandfather was one of the most wonderful men I have ever known. I am so fortunate that I got to enjoy being around him for twenty of his ninety some years. Without this man I wouldn't of had the opportunity to go to the University I chose. He set up an educational fund for my siblings and I when we were very young because he knew the importance of an education. The man didn't go to school himself, but ran his own business for many years. I think he saw more for his grand kids though. He saw that in this day and age education is a must. He didn't want us to be burdened by money issues when thinking about what we wanted to do with our lives because that sadly happens when it shouldn't. I am forever thankful for his generosity and support. When I walked across that stage on graduation day, and when I started my first day of training for my career, I thought of him. I wished so hard in those very moments that he was there to experience them with me. To know that without him, I might not have the wonderful life that I live. The two pictures my dad gave me sit up on my dresser so that everyday I have a little piece of him with me to remind me of where I come from and how fortunate I am.

I love you, Grandpa.

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Charlotte Cornes said...

That is lovely <3

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo! Great memories to hold onto are from the past. I take as many photos as I can to pass to my daughter :)